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Benefits of Dental Implants

Restoring damaged or missing teeth is not an easy procedure and the only help is with dentures. So why is it that a lot of people choose to have dental implants as their first option for fixing their tooth problems? Dental Implants are an intricate procedure that puts strong reliable tooth roots in your mouth to hold fixed (permanent) teeth or removable teeth that match the rest of your natural teeth. Here are some benefits of choosing dental implants over other alternatives: 

  • 2nd Best to Natural Teeth- Dental implants are strong and stable. The entire goal of a dental implant is to replace a tooth with one that looks and feels like the original tooth, when it was healthy.
  • Long-term Solution- Dental implants last a long time. While other alternatives like dental bridges, will deteriorate over time (5-7 years & 10 years with excellent care) so they will need to be replaced eventually. Dental implants may need adjustments from time to time, but other than that they can last an entire lifetime.
  • Maintain Smile & Face Shape- A toothless smile is not always a pretty one, dental implants allow you to replace your damaged teeth with ones that are almost identical. With identical dental implants your face will hold its shape and will let you keep your natural smile.
  • Keep your Mouth Healthy- Having empty spaces in your mouth for loss of one or more teeth can actually leave you in danger of additional health issues. Deterioration and in some cases loss of part of your jaw bone. When your jaw bone is not holding up any teeth it loses its strength and begins to deteriorate. Dental implants have the same weight of natural teeth, by using dental implants your jawbone doesn’t lose its strength and can stay fully intact.
  • Keep your Speech- If you have removable dentures, you realize that your speech can be affected by adjusting them. Dental implants move and feel just like natural teeth, which allows you to keep your normal speech patterns.

Dental Implants are easily the most permanent replacement for damaged teeth. Seabrook Dental provides dental Implants and other dental procedures. If you broke a tooth and it has to be extracted, Our dentists will be able to put an Implant the same day and you will have the same smile that you always wanted. If you have any questions about dental implants or would like to request an appointment for a dental implant procedure please contact us at (603)-898-9180.