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Cosmetic soft tissue fillers have become an increasingly popular non-surgical treatment for patients seeking aesthetic facial enhancement. Genetics, sun damage and aging all contribute to facial wrinkles as well as hollowing and volume loss.


Fillers are used to treat deep wrinkles or folds on the face, enhance the appearance of the lips, and replace overall volume loss which occurs with time. 


Reasons for considering Soft Tissue Fillers:

  • Presence of unattractive facial wrinkles
  • Hollowing of the face particularly under the eyes and the cheeks
  • The desire for fuller lips which has long been associated with facial beauty

Recovery following Soft Tissue Fillers:

Patients are able to return to daily activities immediately following the procedure. The treated areas may be swollen following treatment, but this usually resolves in 48 hours. Mild bruising may also occur, and this may be concealed with makeup.

Patients should avoid lying down or applying cosmetics for a minimum of 4 hours after the procedure. We also advise patients to avoid any massaging of the treated areas. Additional patient specific instructions will be given to each patient including tips on minimizing swelling and bruising following treatment.